If he's elected, the Earth is screwed.

Slate - of Course Trump Chose a Global Warming Denier as His Energy Adviser


Why am I not surprised? Oh of course, because Trump lives in the wingnut parallel universe, where climate change is all just a lie by big science to get us to stop buying gasoline or something. We have yet one more good reason to keep this guy out of the …

Wishful thinking from the misnamed "Friends of Science" organization. Image via Huffington Post
Warmer water (lighter, on right) flows northeast through the Fram Strait, while cooler water (the darker water on the left, with ice swirls) flows south along Greenland's coast. The warmer water is an offshoot of the Gulf Stream and part of a system that is increasingly bringing warmth from middle latitudes to the Arctic. Jeff Schmaltz / NASA
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