Gizmodo - 10 Headlines About Science and Tech From the White House’s New Chief Strategist


Unsurprisingly Stephen K. Bannon is not only a bigot, but he embraces pseudoscience as well. Eve Peyser found ten stories that were recently posted at Breitbart under Bannon’s watchful eye, that illustrate this fact. To find out what those stories were, and what shockingly ridiculous claims they made, read More …

Image via The Watchers
Wishful thinking from the misnamed "Friends of Science" organization. Image via Huffington Post
Warmer water (lighter, on right) flows northeast through the Fram Strait, while cooler water (the darker water on the left, with ice swirls) flows south along Greenland's coast. The warmer water is an offshoot of the Gulf Stream and part of a system that is increasingly bringing warmth from middle latitudes to the Arctic. Jeff Schmaltz / NASA