"Work harder you peasants!" they screamed, mouths full of caviar & Cristal champagne

Wall St. Journal: Bidenomics Is Subsidizing the Lazy! Workers: LOL We Won’t Work for Peanuts

“They won’t take our sh*tty JERRRBS” cry CEOs addicted to stealing from their workers

This Wall Street Journal editor fills me with rage at the out-of-touch, preening rich boys who wrote this filth: The sneering, condescending, holier-than-thou Wall St. Journal editorial board should be conscripted onto a work team scrubbing toilets & sucking out septic tanks for $8/hour Fuck those elitist Ivy League …

Is this the best Drudge can do? Are they running on fumes here? Most likely: not. They can lie all they want to the conservative morons, and they'll just lap it up...