Police Brutality in the Valley of the Sun

It’s really hot here, in more ways than one

And what caused this reaction from the cops? (emphasis added) The police were all about the use of violence for these terrible criminals: There are two videos of the second half of the encounter, filmed by people in the apartment complex. As of right now, the Phoenix PD …

Earl Denny, or "Angry Little Bear", and Canupa Gluha Mani, top leaders of the Strong Heart Warrior Society, say that law enforcement in Rapid City, S.D. is unfair and unjust to Native Americans (Photo: YouTube)
Take a second. Track the entrance and exit wounds. Think of how many bullets were put into this kid. Realize how many of those slugs were still zinging around. And this dipshit cop wanted to crank off another full mag until his partner stopped him.
Picture of Andy Hallinan at his gun shop