Fears of terrorists and brown people stoked by Fox, exacerbated by Trump, led conspirators to plan mass murder

Violent Right-Wing Terrorists Claim: “Trump’s Rhetoric Made Us Do It!”

A novel theory for reducing prison time during the sentencing hearing

I wonder if we’re going to see the Florida pipe bomber or the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter try this as a defense tactic (note: I am very deliberately not saying their names, and I will try to maintain this as much as possible, to deny these evil fucksticks their much-craved …

This is no longer an outlier. This is the new normal. This is happening. For real. And it will happen again.
Humayan Khan and the soldiers whose lives he saved, on firebase Warhorse, in Iraq. Send this to the SMOTI and others who defame and slander this American soldier, his family, and the people who served with him.