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Idiot Leftists Planting Phony Extremist Comments

Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 9:28:08 am

Interesting what you find in your referrals; here’s a thread at the Cesspool of Idiocy (otherwise known as in which the denizens brag about their attempts to troll “right wing” sites and plant phony extremist comments to discredit them: Right wing blogosphere goes Troll-crazy, T$ takes the lead.

Buried in this steaming pile of ugly, hateful drek, we find this:

Why the gently caress would you defend a full blown hate site like LGF. LGF is literally stormfront with “jew” crossed out and “muslim” written in.

loving hell whats wrong with you?


These guys are not even pretending to hide the whole hate-site thing anymore Just read the comments.