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Marc Cooper: The Devolution of PJ Media

Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 5:02:21 pm

Marc Cooper ruefully tells the tale, the tale of a fateful trip: Pajamas Media Drops Trou.

And speaking of Pajamas Media and environmentalism (in the early days of PJM we discussed ways to make science and environmentalism more attractive to conservatives — a goal obviously long forgotten), this is the kind of ludicrous nonsense they now publish on the subject of climate change: Writing for PJM Helped Make Me Enemy of the State Number #38.

In which Frank J. Tipler (an apologist for “intelligent design” creationism) compares himself to Jews being rounded up by the Third Reich, because his name appears on a list of discredited climate change deniers compiled by the National Academy of Sciences. Good grief.

So far, no federal agents have come to pick me up. But nowhere in Mein Kampf does Adolf Hitler call for the extermination of the Jews. Hitler does repeatedly refer to the Jews as “tuberculosis bacilli.” What does one want to do with tuberculosis bacilli?

I’m an enemy of the state. It’s an honor.