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NY Tea Party Candidate Paladino: 'I'll Use Eminent Domain to Stop the Mosque'

Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 3:23:41 pm

Tea Party-endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate for New York, Carl Paladino, has released a campaign video attacking the Park51 project:

"As governor, I will use the power of eminent domain to stop the mosque, and use the site as a war memorial instead of a monument to those who attacked our country."

That's right. He's promising to simply confiscate the property from the Muslim developers.


LGF readers may remember Carl Paladino. In April we had a story about the blatantly racist (and sexist) emails he was sending to his list: Tea Parties? Racism? No Way!

One of the videos he forwarded (now deleted from YouTube for obvious reasons) was titled “Obama Inauguration Ceremony,” and may have originated at the neo-Nazi site Stormfront (Google search link). A screenshot: