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Poll: Obama Loses Bin Laden Bounce, but Palin's Popularity Plummets

Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 9:15:53 am

This new Washington Post-ABC News poll was taken during the timeframe when Sarah Palin blathered out her absurdly botched version of Paul Revere's ride; it's hard to know how much effect those comments (and her subsequent doubling down on stupid) had, but whatever the reason, Palin is even losing the Republican base.

Almost two-thirds of all Americans say they “definitely would not” vote for Palin for president. She is predictably unpopular with Democrats and most independents, but the new survey underscores the hurdles she would face if she became a candidate: 42 percent of Republicans say they’ve ruled out supporting her candidacy.

All that spinning from the right wing blogosphere -- wasted.

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