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Poll: Percentage of Conservatives Who Support Global Engagement Drops by 19 Points

Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 10:03:06 am

Pew Research has a new survey out today that shows a precipitous drop in the number of Republicans who support "global engagement:" In Shift from Bush Era, More Conservatives Say 'Come Home, America'.

In the Pew Research Center's political typology survey, released May 4, majorities in every partisan group -- including 55% of conservative Republicans -- said the U.S. "should pay less attention to problems overseas and concentrate on problems here at home."

In December 2004, conservative Republicans had been the only group in which a majority had expressed the opposing view -- 58% said "it is best for the future of our country to be active in world affairs."

The proportion of conservative Republicans supporting U.S. activism in world affairs has fallen by 19 points to 39%. Since 2004, liberal Democrats and independents also have become less supportive of U.S. global engagement, but the change has been most dramatic among conservatives.

I wonder what could possibly be the difference now, compared to 2004?

Cough ... black Democratic President ... cough