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Great White Shark Caught On Tape by Two Hilarious Pidgin Fishermen

Sat, Jan 14, 2012 at 5:43:34 pm

As someone who grew up in Hawaii, I find this video funnier den almos' anyteeng, brah. Featuring hilarious pidgin commentary from Captain Dominick Gaballo and sidekick/fisherman Addison Toki.

"I jus' hope everybody be safe, along da shoah, becuz, I pretty sure dis hongry bugga gon' go close to da shoah. He's hongry, brah! If I wasn' tired I'd jump on da bugga's back, but maybe nex' time."

My brother in law, Captain of the boat and fisherman Dominick Gaballo, and best friend Addison Toki just caught a 300 pound marlin, and swimming up right after it was a HUGE great white shark!!!! It looked pretty hungry!!! A great white in Hawaiian taken on January 12, 2012

(h/t: BigPapa.)