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#TwitterGulag: The Hypocrisy of the Persecuted Wingnut

Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 12:51:56 pm

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The right wing persecution fantasy known as #TwitterGulag is still raging today, as the conspiracy theories and suspected masterminds keep multiplying and getting more ridiculous. They've now started adding a slash to any suspected mastermind's Twitter username, to avoid what they think is the DREADED REPLY TRAP that keeps getting their accounts suspended.

For example:

@TWlTTERGULAG @bcmissildine HERO #TwitterGulag #RO12 @DLoesch @/silviobreckman @/Lizardoid @/DBarberHotnuke @/ChicoDelainky @/woodhouseB #p2

— Karl Marx Spa (@TWlTTERGULAG) June 16, 2012

But today, we also find's Mandy Nagy and Lee Stranahan urging conservatives to do exactly what they've been whining and crying about for months: use Twitter's "block and report as spam" feature to silence people who disagree with them.

There's currently an organized intimidation attack on #RO12 tag, involving rapid research on responding targets. Block/report any abuse - RT

— Mandy Nagy (@Liberty_Chick) June 16, 2012

Flagging serial harassers for contacting you with unwanted, bizaree tweets is what the Twitter TOS was made for. Not al all 'Twitter Gulag'

— Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan) June 17, 2012

These are the same people who've been trying to cast me as the super-villain in a plot to oppress conservatives, because I advised -- and will continue to advise -- my friends and followers to block and report the psycho stalkers from the website exposed in this post. Smell that? It's the ripe stench of hypocrisy.

But Lee Stranahan perfectly described what these obsessive nuts have been doing on Twitter for months, harassing me, my followers, and everyone with whom I communicate, with "unwanted, bizarre tweets," and I'd like to thank him for supporting my effort to fight against this kind of stalking behavior with the tools Twitter created for that purpose.

UPDATE at 6/17/12 1:27:57 pm

This wingnut double standard has been noted by others as well:

@Stranahan Weren't you critical of @Lizardoid for saying literally the exact same thing?

— Robert Silverman (@BobSaietta) June 17, 2012