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#TGDN: A Firehose of Hate Against the President of the United States

Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 5:27:54 pm

Previously, we have featured The Godwins of TGDN and Calls to Overthrow the Government by TGDN, and The Scammers of TGDN.

There are three recurring memes that show up over and over. One is GUNZ!1! One is Benghazi!1! and the most disturbing is the deranged hate directed against the President of the United States.

Ever since we first noticed this:

The #whitehouse bastard admits he fears #Foxnews more than the taliban & the Russian mob combined. #tcot #tlot #tgdn

— 5-Speed Conservative (@tnrockymom) January 29, 2013

The repeated threats and demonization of the democratically elected leader of the free world inside a closed group of deranged fanatics, WITH A BUNCH OF GUNS, should be closely monitored.

I hope the Secret Service is paying attention.

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