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Kim Jong Un LOL - I Can Haz Ballistic Missile?

Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 12:01:45 pm

Found inspiration this morning to do some Photoshops of Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un after viewing the first image in the series of image below. Let us begin.

(Here's the original image.)

Kim Jong Un's Secret Weapon - 3.5" Floppy
Kim Jong Un - 8" Floppy
Kim Jong Un with slice of American cheese.
Kim Jong Un, cheesehead with bacon.
Kim Jong Un with North Korea's latest food, tree bark.
Kim Jong Un with top hat and stick.
Kim Jong Un unveils latest [water] rocket technology.
Kim Jong Un discovers Jesus toast.
Kim Jong Un with latest flying device wearing propeller beanie.
Kim Jong Un with top hat, bow tie, and magic wand.
Kim Jong Un and SPAM.
Kim Jong Un and lolipop
Kim Jong Un with sombrero and the dangerous spork.
Kim Jong Un with chefs hats and kielbasa.
Kim Jong Un having a peanut butter sandwich.
Kim Jong Un, clown.
UPDATE at 3/30/13 12:25:20 pm
Kim Jong Un with favorite snack
UPDATE at 3/30/13 12:59:51 pm

There are even more lolkims in the comments below...