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Kenyan Mall Hostage Situation Continues, Death Toll Reaches 68

Sun, Sep 22, 2013 at 11:20:27 am

The standoff in Nairobi continues, as at least 10 Al Shabaab terrorists remain holed up in the Westgate shopping mall and the death toll has climbed to 59.

NAIROBI, Kenya -- The deadly siege at a mall in Nairobi continued Sunday, as the Kenyan government struggled with the question of whether to storm the Shabab militant attackers still holed up inside or keep trying to free people trapped inside after more than 24 hours.

There were signs that Kenyan forces had begun to take steps against the hunkered-down assailants. Helicopters continued to circle the mall, and the National Disaster Operation Center said on Twitter Sunday evening after sunset: "Godspeed to our guys in the Westgate building. Major engagement ongoing. Sporadic gunfire."

"Kenyan forces who've just attempted a roof landing must know that they are jeopardising the lives of all the hostages at #Westgate," read a Twitter post attributed to the Shabab on Sunday night. "The Kenyan government shall be held responsible for any loss of life as a result of such an imprudent move."

Yes, that's right -- Al Shabaab is back on Twitter.

And according to AFP, the death toll is continuing to climb:

UPDATE: Death toll in Kenya mall siege rises to 68: Red Cross

— Agence France-Presse (@AFP) September 22, 2013

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