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Virginia Polling Shows the Continuing Implosion of the GOP Brand

Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 1:08:12 pm

If you're a member of the GOP establishment who wants to see Republicans win elections, the latest poll results from Virginia have to be your second worst nightmare: The Implosion of the GOP Brand, in One More Chart.

The interactive chart shows that the national GOP's unfavorable rating in Virginia has spiked to 87 percent among nonwhite likely voters. It's at 69 percent among women voters. And it's at 69 percent among white college graduate voters -- a number that is likely higher among college educated white women. White college grads -- particularly women -- are an increasingly important constituency to Democrats, and their preferences could have major implications for the GOP's ability to win elections in the future with an overreliance on white voters.

And it is at 69 percent among independents. All of this mirrors another chart I posted last week that showed the GOP brand collapsing among key voter groups nationally.

Multiple observers -- see Mark Murray and Taegan Goddard for examples -- argue Virginia is increasingly resembling the country as a whole.

Why do I say it's the GOP establishment's second worst nightmare? Because their worst nightmare is the Tea Party base, who couldn't care less about polls like this and are going to keep demanding still more far right ideological purity from Republican candidates.