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Muslim Brotherhood 'Uses Puppies as Firebombs?'

Sun, Nov 3, 2013 at 12:09:52 pm

Yes, you read that correctly: puppy bombs. If you saw the headline and actually believed it for a second, then your bullshit detector is probably in serious need of a tune-up. Think about it for a minute--the Muslim Brotherhood soaked puppies in gasoline so they could lob them at the Egyptian army?

Are you freaking kidding me? Can you seriously picture MB members throwing flaming puppies at armed soldiers? What, they didn't have any bottles handy that they could use instead? I mean, for crying out loud, it's not as if they were Molotov puppies that would explode on impact. *facepalm*

CBS New York actually published the story then rewrote it, scrubbing all the puppy bomb references. I guess journalism truly is dead--it's all click bait now.

As usual, nothing is too ludicrous for anti-Muslim hate bloggers Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer if they can use it to demonize Muslims, painting them as inhumanly cruel & savage. I'm sure their knuckle-dragging fans devoured every word. Next it'll probably be kittens or bunnies.

As you'll see if you go to the source article, Spencer even came up with some hadiths about dogs that seem intended to imply Muslims hate dogs and would therefore (presumably) have no compunctions whatsoever about killing puppies in the most horribly brutal manner possible.

Naturally, Spencer doesn't provide any context for the hadiths and I'm not going to bother doing so either. Why? Because if you seriously believe Muslims hate dogs and would use puppies as firebombs, then nothing I write is going to change your mind and I'm perfectly content to leave you wallowing in your ignorance.

Addendum: Geller's blog post on the story isn't mentioned in the article I linked to, however at the bottom of the page you'll find a link to a follow-up story at another blog that covers what she wrote also.

Weaponised puppies! Are there are no depths to which these evil Islamists will not sink?

Earlier this week, under the touching headline "Refugee puppies from Egypt looking for homes in U.S.", CBS New York reported that Robyn Urman of Pet ResQ Inc had revealed the shocking news that "members of the Muslim Brotherhood marching toward Tahrir Square to demand that ousted President Mohamed Morsi be reinstated were using puppies as gas bombs - dipping them in gasoline and lighting them on fire".

According to CBS: "Urman received a Facebook message from Mervat Said, an animal rescue volunteer in Egypt, who said two puppies, Cleopatra and Cairo, were saved moments before they were to be used as weapons." [...]

Yes, really, that's a story that CBS was prepared to take seriously. Unsurprisingly, they have had second thoughts about the accuracy of their reporting, and the "Refugee puppies from Egypt" article has now been completely rewritten to omit any reference to the animals' deployment as incendiary devices. [...]

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