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Revealed: Senator Ted Cruz Follows Twitter Account w/Pres. Obama in Hangman's Noose Avi

Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 8:09:36 pm

Submitted without comment.

Update: Added clean un-composited screen shot.

Update 2: Added second Sen. Cruz account screen shot. All told, @_Molon_Labe_ is followed by @tedcruz, @TeamTedCruz and @SenTedCruz.

Update 3: Added threatening Tweets from person of interest.

Hey @nancypelosi It looks like the #SCOTUS read #ObamaCare and confirms your a #Communist and YOU should be hung for Treason

— Americana (@_Molon_Labe_) March 28, 2012

@TheFlaCracker @barackobama doesn't even qualify as a #Superman Turd!! #obama is a lunatic and should be hung for treason

— Americana (@_Molon_Labe_) May 1, 2011

This government is out of control the people now fear it & that is not good That is as unAmerican as Barack Obama 1 shot is all it will take

— Americana (@_Molon_Labe_) January 24, 2014

Update - February 1, 2014:

Latest review reveals that all three Ted Cruz accounts ( @tedcruz, @TeamTedCruz and @SenTedCruz) are no longer following @_Molon_Labe_ .