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Photos from the People's Climate March in Manhattan

Sun, Sep 21, 2014 at 10:11:06 am

A huge demonstration is taking place today in midtown Manhattan, expected to draw up to 100,000 people: the People's Climate March, intended to focus the world's attention on the need for action on climate change, as the disaster clock is ticking.

Here's a good post at Think Progress on this event and the other events planned for the coming week: Everything You Need to Know to Attend the Biggest Climate March in History.

Here's the hashtag you can follow on Twitter for more info as it happens: #PeoplesClimate.

Great birds-eye view of the #PeoplesCIimate March in NYC. The streets are full of people asking 4 #ClimateJustice now

— Rachel Cairns (@rhcairns) September 21, 2014

The front of the youth block is a beautiful sight to behold. #PeoplesCIimate #powershift

— Energy Action (@energyaction) September 21, 2014

Like a 2010 Tea Party rally, but with more people & actual facts. RT @ReadContra: #PeopleClimateMarch in #NYC

— Jamison Foser (@jamisonfoser) September 21, 2014

Folks still waiting to march at 83rd. #PeoplesClimate #PeoplesClimateMarch @MathaiWanjira @kuminaidoo

— cynthia ryan (@cynryan) September 21, 2014

#peoplesclimate This is Central Park West and 72nd Street right now. via @NoahFR

— 350 dot org (@350) September 21, 2014

OFFICIAL COUNT: 310,000 people marching for climate justice at #PeoplesClimate March!

— People's Climate (@Peoples_Climate) September 21, 2014

View of #PEOPLESCLIMATE crowd in NYC. (Photo: Damon Winter/NYT)

— NYT Science (@nytimesscience) September 21, 2014

People's Climate March participant estimates in NYC: 310,000! This photo is my favorite of day #PeopleClimateMarch

— Nat Moss (@natmoss) September 21, 2014