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The Most Awful Right Wing Tweet About California's Water Shortage

Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 5:39:45 pm

Today California Gov. Jerry Brown ordered historic restrictions on water usage, as the state faces a serious water crisis. The snow pack has decreased to only 6 percent of its normal depth, and that's bad. Very bad.

So what does our stalker pal Chuck C. Johnson think about this?

Maybe the 3 million illegal immigrants are having an effect on our water usage, Jerry Brown?

— Charles C. Johnson (@ChuckCJohnson) April 1, 2015

He's completely hateful and wrong, of course, which isn't unusual for Chuck. In fact, 80% of the water used in California goes to agribusiness, and a recent study linked the disastrous drought to climate change. The effect of "illegal immigrants" is minuscule compared to these factors -- which Chuck probably knows. He posts this nasty nonsense because his knuckle-dragging followers eat it up.

And speaking of knuckle-draggers, Chuck also retweeted yet another white supremacist today, something he does quite often.

And there goes @ChuckCJohnson, retweeting yet another white supremacist. Check out this freak's profile.

— Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) April 1, 2015