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Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Tough New Vaccination Law

Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 11:28:31 am

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The Los Angeles Times reports that California Governor Jerry Brown has signed one of the nation's toughest vaccination bills, mandating that children who attend public schools must be vaccinated against common diseases and that no non-medical exemptions will be allowed.

"The science is clear that vaccines dramatically protect children against a number of infectious and dangerous diseases," Brown said in a statement released Tuesday. "While it's true that no medical intervention is without risk, the evidence shows that immunization powerfully benefits and protects the community."

Kudos are due to Gov. Brown for taking this step despite the vehement opposition from delusional anti-vaccination groups. Brown acknowledged the opposition:

The governor acknowledged that opponents to the measure expressed their positions with "eloquence and sincerity," but he decided to sign the bill into law regardless because of the benefit to public health.

But I think he's being way too kind. These irrational people aren't just putting their own children at risk, they're endangering other people's children as well, and damaging the human species' herd immunity in a way that will take many years to rebuild. It's a destructive and dangerous movement that needs to be repudiated by more people, in no uncertain terms.