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Right Wingers Circulate Photoshop Fake of Young Hillary Clinton With a Confederate Flag

Mon, Jul 6, 2015 at 7:09:39 pm

This morning an iconic image of a 20-something Hillary Rodham in her Wellesley college dorm, wearing psychedelic pants, was "discovered" to have a Confederate flag in the background! Nobody ever noticed it before because we were all dazzled by the trip-inducing pattern of her pants.

Interestingly, the first photo to appear in my Twitter feed this morning was from @Bipartisanism, a liberal account. When I pointed out that the photo did not match other instances of the picture and that it was a Photoshop, he deleted the Tweet.

Confederate flag in the background? Who knew?

Wingnuts highlighted the flag, in case you were too tripped out by the pants:

How many times have we seen this picture lately? Did anyone notice this? I was too distracted by those sexy pants...

— Cinsta (@cinsta8) July 7, 2015

But 5 seconds of Google image search showed that the flag was never in any of the previous images, particularly this one tagged by GettyImages at Huffington Post in 2012:

A Tineye search for the first instance of this real photo on the Internet leads back to our old friend zombietime, in April 15, 2008 (donotlinked)

You'd think if there was a Confederate flag in the background, zombie would have noticed? And you would think somebody might have noticed before today?

Admit it, you were all dazzled by the psychedelic pants!

Google Image Search, how does it f'ckin work? #tcot #UniteBlue #pjnet #ccot #Teaparty #Hillary #fake

— The Vicious Babushka (@viciousbabushka) July 7, 2015


First instance of the fake photo at this wingnut site (donotlinked)