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An Open Letter to South Carolina Gov. @NikkiHaley: Bree Newsome Should Take Down the Confederate Flag

Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 6:49:55 pm

When African American activist Bree Newsome scaled the flagpole and took down the Confederate battle flag on the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse and was immediately arrested, she epitomized the growing revulsion of Americans for this divisive symbol of slavery and racism.

Now that the South Carolina legislature has voted to do the same thing Bree Newsome did, I call on Governor Nikki Haley to pardon Newsome for any charges that are still outstanding for her act of civil disobedience. And more than that...

Governor Haley, this entire debate has been about the power of symbolism to inspire people to both noble and horrible acts. Governor Haley, you should ask Bree Newsome to repeat her act of civil disobedience, but with the full approval of this new legislation, and take down the Confederate battle flag from the South Carolina statehouse grounds for the final time.

And this time she won't need to scale the pole. She can take it down from the ground, with the full approval of the state of South Carolina.

What greater symbolism could there be, in a national debate over the power of symbols?


Charles Johnson