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Chuck C. Johnson: "I Just Hope Gawker Settles With Me"

Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 12:18:01 pm

Cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson is blabbing out of control to the Daily Caller's horrible Betsy Rothstein about Gawker's latest motions responding to his SLAPP lawsuit. Here's his egomaniacal rant; obviously his lawyer didn't tell him to keep his mouth shut about the case (like any competent lawyer would).

"The Gawker response was much weaker than I expected," he told The Mirror. "It doesn't rebut any of the substantive claims we make rebutting their libelous claims. They seem to be actually arguing that no one should take their bullshit blogging seriously. The problem is that thousands of people do.

"Rather hilariously their attorneys have decided to smear me again by claiming that my Senator Menendez story is discredited. The same day they filed that the Department of Justice confirmed everything I reported with Matt Boyle and David Martosko years ago. [Actually, if you read what the DOJ actually said, they didn't confirm what Chuck reported. --ed.]

"Gawker's lawyers haven't done their homework but they sure know how to Google. In another example they recycle stories that claim that I outed a rape victim at UVA when we all now know what I knew then that there was no rape at UVA.

"In still another bullshit claim they are saying that because I have contemplated legal action against a number of media organizations for making things up against me, I'm not to be trusted. They don't take seriously what is obvious: I probably could successful sue a number of these organizations for making things up about me. I just hope that Gawker settles with me before Hulk Hogan -- or one of the several other gawker victims -- takes all of their money."

There it is, folks -- he gave away his game. From the start, Chuck's been hoping Nick Denton would just throw some money at him to make him go away. But judging from those motions Gawker's attorneys filed, that's not in the cards.