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Breitbart Hack Ben Shapiro: The Arrest of Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Is "Tyranny"

Thu, Sep 3, 2015 at 4:59:24 pm

Shapiro of the Corn

The right wing propagandists of the Internet are always whacked out. That's a given. But the rhetoric coming out of them about the arrest of anti-gay Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis is so over the top it seems like parody. For example, this crazed Facebook rant about "living in the shadow of tyranny" by Breitbart "News" hack Ben Shapiro:

The rule of law is dead -- unless you're a Christian or a conservative, in which case the left will use the law to throw you in prison.

Complete lack of rule of law is anarchy; selective rule of law is tyranny.

Any nation that throws Kim Davis in jail but leaves Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Gavin Newsome, Kamala Harris, mayors of sanctuary cities, and Washington D.C. clerks who refuse to issue concealed carry permits on the loose is living in the shadow of tyranny.

This disconnected, reality-challenged blurt actually garnered more than 500 likes from Shapiro's even crazier right wing readers.