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Meanwhile, Hate Group Leader Pamela Geller Is Still Deranged

Fri, Oct 9, 2015 at 12:26:39 pm


I sometimes wonder if Pamela Geller ever gets tired of obsessively spewing this semi-literate nonsense about President Obama being a "Muslim commie atheist tyrant" who is stupid yet clever, weak yet all-powerful, sneaky yet obvious.

But then I remember: the right wing rubes she's fleecing with this hate speech aren't gonna bilk themselves: Pamela Geller: 'Jihadi in the White House' Is 'The Most Dangerous Man in the World'.

"It's an army," Geller agreed. "The majority are young, fit and male. Four out of five are not from Syria. Why not go to a country where they speak the language and have the same culture? Why wouldn't they go to Muslim countries?"

"Why is this being dumped on Europe?" she asked. "Because ISIS warned ...that they intended to send an army of ISIS operatives in a migration to Europe."

"And then you have that jihadi in the White House saying that he's going to take, you know to 'offer assistance,' hundreds of thousands in," she continued. "Well, does Europe offer assistance to us and take in Mexicans and Central Americans? He is the most dangerous man in the world, because he has the most power and he is the leader of the free world and he is aiding and abetting the global jihad movement at every turn, every turn."

Geller added that the "tyrant" Obama is "dumping these communities from jihad nations" in American cities. "This is a government at war with its own people," she said.