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Chuck C. Johnson Misses Gawker Suit Deadline, Gets Suspended from Facebook

Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 10:21:43 am

A few days ago the Internet's most incompetent "journalist" posted this on Facebook, denying early reports that he missed the deadline for filing his response to Gawker's motion to dismiss his lawsuit and their anti-SLAPP motion (that might end up costing Chuck a lot of money).

And then, today his lawyer made a liar out of Chuck and filed a late motion for another extension of time to respond, acknowledging that they had missed the deadline.

(Thanks to @AdamSteinbaugh for posting this.)

In his usual fashion, Chuck lashed out at people who are laughing at him for his latest inane screw-up.

And about those "whistle-blowers" who are "coming out" to help Chuck: Chuck C. Johnson Is the Easiest Man in the World to Troll.

But wait -- there's more! Because our boy Chuck is really not having a good day.

This morning Facebook briefly shut down his page and suspended his account for violating their Terms of Service; the offending posts were the ones where he threatened to out federal prosecutors (and others) who were listed in the hacked Ashley Madison databases.

However, as of this writing, he still has a post on his Facebook page asking people to help him expose more government employees.

At this rate it won't be long before Chuck Johnson gets kicked off Facebook for good -- just like he was from Twitter.

UPDATE at 10/13/15 12:31:24 pm by Charles Johnson

Gawker has responded to Chuck's request for another extension, and the answer is "No." Not only that, they're pointing out to the judge that Chuck has been trying to pay for internal Gawker memos, and threatening people with more lawsuits. They refer to this as "improperly obtaining evidence."

Oh man, Chuck's in hot water now.

UPDATE at 10/13/15 12:43:13 pm by Charles Johnson

And now, to make Chuck Johnson's already bad day even worse, he just got suspended from Facebook again.

(A few minutes later, he's back on Facebook. I wonder how many chances they'll give him?)

UPDATE at 10/13/15 1:59:29 pm by Charles Johnson

Chuck's very bad day just keeps getting worse: Facebook has now removed his GotNewsDotCom page for violating their Community Standards.