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Video: Donald Trump on His Plan for a Massive "Deportation Force"

Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 1:04:57 pm


In this clip from Morning Joe, Donald Trump explains that his border wall is going to be a Trump wall, a big beautiful wall, and he's going to have a "deportation force" that will round up millions of undocumented immigrants -- men, women and children -- and drop them all off in their countries of origin, just like Eisenhower did with "Operation Wetback."

Anyone who believes this is anything but a bizarre racist pipe dream is either: 1) delusional, or 2) a fascist. This "small government conservative" is suggesting the creation of a massive new enforcement agency dedicated to arresting entire families. I usually try to avoid these kinds of metaphors, but let's face it -- he's basically talking about turning the US into Nazi Germany. It's absolutely insane and disgusting that the conservative movement is embracing this kind of nightmarish totalitarian bullshit.