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An Amazing Coincidence: Search Google Images for Donald Trump's Book, Find "Mein Kampf"

Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 4:25:14 pm

Here's an absolutely perfect convergence of ideologies, pointed out today in an LGF comment by "Lidane."

If you search Google Images for "crippled america," the title of Donald Trump's book, you'll also find... "Mein Kampf," the manifesto of none other than Adolf Hitler.

It's pretty obvious why this fortuitous match-up occurs -- Google Images uses an advanced image-parsing algorithm to find images similar to the one you searched for, and the portrait of Hitler on the cover of that edition of Mein Kampf is strikingly similar to the portrait of Trump on the cover of his book; similar hair, similar scowl, similar body position and head tilt.

Sometimes computer algorithms can seem scarily smart.

UPDATE at 12/8/15 4:59:45 pm by Charles Johnson

Here are the two images side by side to demonstrate their similarities. (Ahem.)