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The Top 10 LGF Articles of 2015

Fri, Jan 1, 2016 at 1:56:28 pm

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1With more pageviews and social media shares than any other article this year, our exposé on the neo-Nazi origin of Donald Trump's now-infamous bogus graphic on "black crime" was far and away our most popular post of the year: We Found Where Donald Trump's "Black Crimes" Graphic Came From.

2In second place, our article on Ben Carson's wild statement that the scientific theory of evolution through natural selection was directly inspired by none other than the Prince of Darkness: Ben Carson: Charles Darwin Came Up With the Theory of Evolution Because He Was Influenced by Satan.

3Our third most popular article of the year was our first look at the deceptively edited "sting" videos targeted at Planned Parenthood by right wing fraudsters at the Center for Medical Progress: The Huge Right Wing Anti-Choice Fake Outrage of the Day.

4Number four on our list is our post on the white supremacist group Council of Conservative Citizens, who took down their entire website briefly following the terrible massacre at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, when it was revealed they had directly inspired shooter Dylann Roof with their racist propaganda: After the Discovery of Dylann Roof's Website, the Council of Conservative Citizens Is Running Scared.

5In fifth place, our piece about Donald Trump's delusional xenophobic immigration policy, and its multiple citations of far-right website Breitbart "News:" Donald Trump Has Released an Immigration Policy Plan and It's Completely Insane.

6The number 6 spot goes to this post on a CNN interview with supporters of Donald Trump, in which they made it very clear they simply do not care that Trump lies like a rug: CNN Interviews Trump Supporters - They Don't Care That He's Lying.

7There were a huge number of fake outrages coming out of the right wing in 2015, and during the uproar following Dylann Roof's attack on AME Church and his attraction to the Confederate flag, the far right blog "Conservative Treehouse" tried to counter-attack what they saw as a left wing agenda by posting a faked photo of Hillary Clinton with a Confederate flag (and their post is still up with no correction): Right Wingers Circulate Photoshop Fake of Young Hillary Clinton With a Confederate Flag.

8Our eighth most popular post contained a video clip of a Donald Trump rally in which a bigoted supporter asked him a now-infamous question: Video: Audience Member Asks Trump: "We Have a Problem... It's Called 'Muslims.' When Can We Get Rid of 'Em?"

9Number 9 on our list was this piece about Operation Rescue president Troy Newman, who also serves on the board of anti-choice propaganda group Center for Medical Progress, and is on record taking the virulent ideology of these people to its logical conclusion: Board Member of Right Wing Group That Made Planned Parenthood Video Believes Murdering Doctors Is "Justifiable".

10You just knew crazed litigious cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson would be on this list, didn't you? He grabs the number 10 spot (although number 2 might have been more appropriate), with our post about one of his many attempts to sneak back onto Twitter after being permanently suspended from the social media site: Chuck C. Johnson Sneaks Onto Twitter Again, Using an Account Claiming to Be Associated With the Reagan Foundation.