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The Top 10 Contributors' LGF Pages of 2015

Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 1:12:33 pm

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1The most popular user-submitted LGF Page of the year was this tale of poetic justice: Elephant Hunter Crushed to Death by Baby Elephant.

2Number 2 on our list was this massively fun video: Teacher And His Students Recreate 'Uptown Funk'.

3The number 3 slot goes to a report from the Jade Helm conspiracy theory nut culture: SURPRISE: 1/3 of Republicans and 1/2 of Tea Party Supporters Think Obama Will Take Over Texas.

4In fourth place, an excellent video presentation: Inside the Whitney Plantation, the First and Only American Museum About Slavery.

5Our fifth most popular LGF Page of the year was this story told in tweets: Epic Twitter Pwnage 2! Creationists Try to Take Down Evolution, Fail Miserably!

6A thought-provoking piece on the frightening rise of the deliberately ignorant right wing is number 6: Anti-Intellectualism Is Killing America.

7This LGF Page led to an interesting debate in the comment section: Charlie Hebdo: The French Satirical Magazine Is Heroic. It Is Also Racist.

8Number 8 was a post on Rush Limbaugh's attempt to keep his brainwashed followers from seeing anything that might contradict him on Twitter: New Rush Limbaugh App Will Block His "Totalitarian" Twitter Critics For You.

9One of the stupidest right wing fake outrages of the year was the silly uproar over the renaming of Alaska's Mt. McKinley to its Native American name Denali, and this satirical post is our ninth most popular Page of the year: Angry Mob Descends on Ohio State House to Protest Obama Mountain Name Change.

10Before Chuck C. Johnson, Todd Kincannon was most hateful, deranged right winger on Twitter until he was tossed off. And then his life really went downhill fast: Todd Kincannon's Wife Taped Hours of Threats.