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The Sad Tale of the Milo Yiannopoulos Blue Checkmark Tantrum

Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 6:16:10 pm

The most idiotic news from Twitter this week concerns malevolent self-hating weirdo Milo Yiannopoulos and the calamity that befell him recently.

You see, the Gamergate-exploiting Breitbrat has been behaving badly on Twitter, harassing women and engaging in what Twitter calls "targeted abuse," and on Friday last week, Twitter's safety and security team decided it was time to remove his little blue checkmark, the sign that his account was "verified." Note that Yiannopoulos wasn't unverified because he's a "conservative," but because he's a well-known and extremely blatant serial abuser of women on Twitter.

And one of the most massive tantrums ever witnessed on Twitter has ensued, as Yiannopoulos did his best to enlist his legions of Gamergate chowderheads to scream and yell at Twitter until they give him back his checkmark, in which he apparently stores his self-esteem.

According to this mob of idiots, Milo is being "censored," although he's still posting up a storm, ranting and whining and crying and complaining and boasting and posting pictures of himself taking showers (really), with thousands of tweets on the subject of his "censorship" and a total lack of self-awareness.

Apparently, the censorship Milo is experiencing doesn't involve actually being, you know, censored.

His followers started using the hashtag #jesuismilo, imitating the hashtag #jesuischarlie which sprang up when the journalists of French satirical journal Charlie Hebdo were murdered in a terrorist attack. Nobody ever accused these morons of a sense of proportionality, not to mention simple human decency.

Here's just one of the thousands of crazed tweets Milo has posted since Friday, to give you a sense of how utterly unhinged he's become since losing his cherished checkmark.

How come David Bowie is verified, @twitter? HE'S FUCKING DEAD

— Milo Yiannopoulos ✘ (@Nero) January 11, 2016

And here's another tweet he posted, attacking a female journalist who wrote about his meltdown and pointed out some of the awful things he's put on Twitter.

This guy.

— Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) January 11, 2016

Yes, he was directing his tens of thousands of crazed followers to harass her, and that's exactly what happened after his tweet.

But the reason I'm writing this tonight is that Milo and his crackpot corps of swivel-eyed cretins have now crossed the threshold into a dimension of entitled lunacy so extreme and ridiculous it's actually become quite hilarious.

Because now they've filed a petition at the White House website asking President Obama to issue a statement demanding the restoration of Milo Yiannopoulos's Twitter verification badge. Yes, they really did this.

So far they've got about 1% of the signatures they need to get the White House to respond to their moronic petition. Maybe if they scream and cry and keep throwing tantrums for the rest of the month they'll be able to get the other 99%. But I doubt it.