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Ted Cruz Is a Dangerously Delusional Religious Fanatic

Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 3:21:01 pm


In a race with religious fanatics like Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson, you really have to be an über-fanatic to stand out, and Ted Cruz definitely fits that bill.

As the elder Cruz explained, Ted and his family "spent six months in prayer" trying to decide if he should seek the presidency, which culminated in a two-hour prayer session at his church where his family and top advisers "spent two hours on our knees seeking God's will about this decision."

During that prayer session, Cruz's wife received "inspiration from God" and told Ted to "seek God's face, not God's hand" and, at that moment, the Holy Spirit descended upon everyone in the room and convinced Ted to run.

"It was as if there was a presence of the Holy Spirit in the room and we all were at awe," Cruz stated, "and Ted, all that came out of his mouth, he said, 'Here am I Lord, use me. Here am I Lord, I surrender to whatever Your will for my life is.' And it was at that time that he felt a peace about running for president of the United States."

But wait, it gets even better. Cruz apparently believes he's fighting a pitched battle against the Horned One. His Nibs. Yes, I'm talking about ... SATAN.


And Satan isn't just trying to stop Ted Cruz from being elected president; the unholy one is also sabotaging the campaign's cell phones.

The host kicked things off by claiming that the campaign is part of a conflict between Heaven and Hell, insisting that Satan “is always on the look out to distract any one of us who prays for our nation and for Ted and for this presidential campaign.”

Satan, she continued, is also “rejoicing over our communication problems,” claiming that technicians were working to defy the Devil by improving the campaign's communication systems.

And this isn't just talk, by the way. Cruz is filling up his campaign with religious extremists and whack jobs: Beyond The Pale: Ted Cruz Puts Extremists At The Center Of His Campaign.