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The Amazing Hypocrisy of Fox News Shill Howard Kurtz

Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 12:07:53 pm

Howard Kurtz, who works for Fox News, has what has be the most oblivious and un-self aware take I've ever seen on a political debate, bashing Rachel Maddow for being "unabashedly liberal" and "ripping Republicans:" Why did MSNBC put Rachel Maddow on the debate stage?

Rachel Maddow did a pretty good job in questioning Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at MSNBC’s Democratic debate last night.

But she shouldn’t have been on that stage as a moderator, sitting next to Chuck Todd, NBC’s political director and moderator of “Meet the Press.”

This is not a knock on Maddow as a commentator. She is smart and passionate, a Rhodes scholar with a deep knowledge of the issues. She did not roll over for Clinton during a recent interview on her prime-time show.

But she is an unabashedly liberal commentator who rips the Republicans every night on her program. She should not have been put in that position.

As if the Fox News-hosted debates didn't feature unabashedly wingnut commentators who spread lies, attack President Obama viciously and continuously, and then pretend to be "fair and balanced."

Just amazing. The absolute bleeding hypocrisy of this shill is mind-boggling.