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Federal Judge Denies David Daleiden's Attempt to Lift TRO, Citing "Deceitful Lengths"

Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 6:18:30 pm

The hits keep on comin' for the dishonest anti-choice activists of the Center for Medical Progress and their indicted head David Daleiden (shown above). Today in San Francisco, federal judge William Orrick issued an injunction stopping the activists from releasing any more of their deceptively edited "sting" videos.

Judge Orrick also stated that he had reviewed the videos and found no evidence that the National Abortion Federation committed any crimes.

San Francisco federal judge William Orrick last year issued a temporary order prohibiting the distribution of the videos, which he extended on Friday until the litigation is over. Orrick said he reviewed the videos and found no evidence of criminal activity by NAF members.

Catherine Short, an attorney for the Center for Medical Progress, said they had expected the ruling. Derek Foran, an attorney for the National Abortion Federation, said they are pleased.

"NAF's members can sleep a little easier tonight," Foran said.

And that's not the only legal setback dealt to the CMP lately. Last week Judge Orrick denied a request from Daleiden and the CMP to submit their videos to the Supreme Court in an amicus brief filing to support a case that aims to remove abortion access for many women in Texas.

“I have reviewed the portions of the recordings that defendants argue rebut or undercut the arguments made by NAF and Planned Parenthood in the Supreme Court case,” he wrote. “Defendants have mischaracterized the nature of the comments made by the presenters and the independent clinic owner; the comments are not directly relevant to the amicus brief statements defendants attribute to NAF and Planned Parenthood.”

NAF also took issue with Daleiden’s claim that the privacy interests at issue are “insubstantial.”


“It is not necessary here to repeat the reasons I issued the TRO in the first place—the deceitful lengths the defendants went to obtain these recordings and the legitimate safety concerns of NAF and its members, made all too real by the targeting of individuals on the publicly disclosed videos, the substantial increase in threats of violence to NAF members and more recently the tragedy in Colorado Springs,” Orrick wrote.

“The question is whether defendants’ desire to use the information in their amicus briefs should permit an exception to the TRO,” Orrick continued. “The answer is ‘No.’”

Judge Orrick doesn't seem very sympathetic to Daleiden, and he shouldn't be. This guy tried to game the entire country by deliberately lying and defrauding people, and he's had way too much success. It's way past time for him to be on the losing end of the legal system.