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Cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson Announces "Fake Rape" Website With Disgraced CTO Pax Dickinson

Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 12:10:47 pm

Chuck C. Johnson (L) and his wife pose for a photo with Ted Cruz

If you've followed the strange, twisted tale of cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson (who is NOT ME) and his weird obsessions with other people's sex lives, you may recall that last May we reported exclusively that Johnson had registered the domain names and, apparently intending to launch a website devoted to extortion and doxing (revealing private information such as home addresses and phone numbers) of women who report being raped.

We're not just assuming Johnson intended the sites to be used for extortion; he discussed it openly on Twitter before being permanently banned from the social network. Copies of his tweets:

What is extortion? And should it be illegal?

— Charles C. Johnson (@ChuckCJohnson) April 3, 2015

If I create a website where people can offer to sell information on you to the crowd & you offer to buy it that isn't extortion, is it?

— Charles C. Johnson (@ChuckCJohnson) April 3, 2015

Note that when Johnson was banned from Twitter, he tried to sneak back onto the service over and over with a series of "sock puppet" accounts. At last count, there were no less than 10 of these sock puppets, and they were all suspended by Twitter. Clearly, it was a huge blow to Johnson's self-esteem to lose that access and he's been raging at Twitter ever since, even showing up more than once outside their offices in San Francisco like a jilted ex-boyfriend.

Lately Johnson has been hanging around with Pax Dickinson, the former CTO of Business Insider who was fired when his history of posting racist, homophobic and misogynistic tweets came to light. If you read some of the stuff Dickinson has written, you'll see why he and Chuck Johnson get along so well; they have the same sick world view.

Last month Johnson posted a photo on his Facebook page, showing Dickinson and himself lurking outside the offices of Gawker.

By the way, Johnson's defamation lawsuit against Gawker was recently thrown out of court by a federal judge in Missouri. So it's more than a bit creepy that he's stalking their New York office.

Which brings us to this weekend, when Chuck C. Johnson and Pax Dickinson announced the launch of a website called wesearchr​.com, clearly intended to be that "fake rape registry" Johnson has been yearning to create for the last year. Notice the clever signup button, labeled "I Consent to Inbox Penetration." Get it?

Again, we're not just assuming this will be the purpose of the site; Pax Dickinson himself confirmed it this morning:

@QQforU @wesearchr We'll have information about all the various media hoaxes, including a few no one even knows are hoaxes yet.

— Pax Dickinson (@paxdickinson) February 8, 2016

And they've created a Twitter account to promote their awful (and possibly illegal) website: @wesearchr. So this makes the eleventh time Chuck C. Johnson has tried to get around his permanent suspension from Twitter.

On another front, last week Chuck C. Johnson's friend John Cardillo tweeted that Johnson was "leading an oppo (opposition research) team for Ted Cruz."

In a telephone conversation two weeks ago, Charles Johnson told me he is leading an oppo team for Cruz, and has met with him personally.

— John Cardillo (@johncardillo) February 6, 2016

Johnson responded angrily on Facebook, denying Cardillo's report and basically calling him a liar.

LOL! What a bunch of clowns.

— Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) February 6, 2016

But as you can see from the photo at the top of this page, there's no doubt that Johnson has met with Cruz personally -- and that isn't the only photo of them together.

Johnson also announced publicly at his nearly-defunct blog that he had placed a $5400 bet on Ted Cruz to win the GOP nomination:

So is he really working for the Cruz campaign? He denies it, but Chuck C. Johnson and the truth do not have a very close relationship.

Some enterprising journalist ought to ask Ted Cruz whether he really is associating with an openly racist infamous troll who was permanently suspended from Twitter, and is launching a website dedicated to extortion and doxing women who report rape.