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Infamous Right Wing Troll Chuck C. Johnson Attends White Supremacist Event in DC

Sun, Mar 6, 2016 at 12:03:33 pm

Last night in Washington DC, some CPAC attendees went to an off-site conference at the Ronald Reagan Building in support of Donald Trump -- the annual conference of the white supremacist group with the innocuous-sounding name "the National Policy Institute."

Why did the people in charge of the Ronald Reagan Building let their facilities be used by this gang of disgusting racists in suits? Draw your own conclusions.

But here's a pro-tip for notorious stalker Chuck C. Johnson: if you don't want people to think you're a white supremacist, maybe you shouldn't be attending their conferences.

Had the honor of meeting Chuck Johnson at #NPI. Class act.

— EnochWasRight (@J_Enoch_Powell) March 6, 2016

Johnson attended the racists' event with his new partner, Pax Dickinson, the fired and disgraced former CTO of Business Insider. Here's a photo of the two of these troglodytes with another infamous racist hate-spewer, Matt Forney. Chuck looks drunk, as usual.

Look who I ran into in D.C. this weekend: Chuck Johnson and @paxdickinson.

— Matt Forney (@basedmattforney) March 6, 2016

Why do the people who think they're examples of superior human beings always look so unevolved?

Here's video of the scene outside the event, posted by @expandyourfocus.

"KKK right this way!" Look for the Hitler salute as he enters the bldg. #NoToNPI #FuckWhiteSupremacy

— Megan Kenny (@expandyourfocus) March 5, 2016

At 17 seconds into the clip, I'm pretty sure you can see Chuck C. Johnson entering the building, followed by Pax Dickinson.

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