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Another Trump Supporter Charged With Assaulting Protester in Tucson

Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 3:22:12 pm

A little more than a week after a Donald Trump supporter was charged with assault and battery in North Carolina, another Trump supporter has been arrested and charged in Tucson, Arizona after a brutal attack on a protester at Trump's rally.

A man who reportedly punched and kicked a protestor at a rally for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump was arrested and charged with assault with injury, ABC News reported Sunday.

Tony Pettway, who was allegedly seen in a video punching a protestor as he was being escorted out of a Trump rally Saturday in Arizona, was arrested at the event and charged before being released.

The protestor was wearing an American flag shirt and holding up a sign of Trump that said, "Trump is Bad for America."

In a video posted on Twitter, the Trump supporter appears to have tried to grab the poster out of the protestor's hand and proceeded to punch and kick him. The attacker was handcuffed by police.