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Chuck C. Johnson CENSORED on Facebook! Oh the Humanity!

Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 6:06:51 pm

Our cyberstalker pal Chuck C. "Rage Furby" Johnson (seen above in an amazingly gross photo) now finds himself suspended from Facebook, and he's whining furiously about it: CENSORED on $FB! Banned From Facebook For 30 Days For Posting Donald Trump's #Brussels Foreign Policy.

Aw, the poor guy. Censored again. Why does this just keep happening to our friend the Rage Furby, when all he's doing is posting an innocent "paraphrase of Donald Trump's foreign policy?"

GotNews​.com editor-in-chief Charles C. Johnson has been banned from Facebook for thirty days for posting a paraphrase of Donald Trump’s foreign policy.

The first time Johnson was kicked off was for revealing that a State Department official in charge of refugee policy was in the Ashley Madison database.

While Johnson’s account was ultimately restored by Facebook’s Katie Harbath, who serves as Global Politics and Government Outreach Director, GotNews​.com’s Facebook account with over a 1,000 likes was deleted without explanation.

The second time Johnson was banned was for posting a joke on his personal Facebook page:

“In the multicultural melting pot Muslims are that explosive new ingredient!”

Now Johnson has been suspended for posting a paraphrase of Donald Trump’s statement after the attacks in Brussels.

Over and over they censor him for no reason, even though he writes about himself in the third person! Charles C. Johnson (who is NOT ME) is being persecuted mercilessly! After all, he's the Rosa Parks of 2016, people!

At some point someone is going to want to be the Rosa Parks of internet freedom and anti-corporate censorship.

What sort of totally innocent paraphrase did he post that caused them to unjustly send him to the back of the Internet bus, just like Rosa Parks?

So all he did was call for mass deportations and label Muslims "savages" who should be killed? How unfair!

I think he should sue.