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Tech Note: New Autosave Feature in LGF Pages

Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 5:39:01 pm

Image via Shutterstock

Today we have a nifty new feature for authors of LGF Pages: announcing ... fanfare please ... autosave!

It's now almost impossible to accidentally lose a post, even if your power goes out or your computer crashes, because every post you start writing is now automatically saved to our database server every two seconds.

Autosaved posts last for two days, then they’re automatically deleted. An autosaved post is also deleted when you actually publish it (or save a draft copy).

There’s a button labeled "Restore Autosave" near the top of the LGF Pages window that lets you call up a list of all your autosaved posts, and choose to restore one, delete them all, or delete one at a time. If you hover your mouse over the title of the autosaved post, a preview pops up above it with an excerpt from the text and a thumbnail image if you've included one.

This is an extremely handy feature, and can also be used as a sort of quick “save as draft” feature since you can always restore any post you’ve been working on as long as it hasn’t been two days or more since you last worked on it.

So there you have it. And please forgive me for the visual pun at the top of this article.