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Tech Note: Lots of New Embedded Image Options

Sun, May 1, 2016 at 4:16:03 pm

Image via Shutterstock

Quietly, behind the scenes, hidden from the eyes of an unsuspecting world, I've been writing code to allow our users to easily embed images in comments or LGF Pages from an assortment of image-hosting sites, such as Flickr, Instagram, Imgur and Giphy.

We've had Instagram embedding for a little while, but we now also support Flickr and Imgur with the same easy interface: just copy the address of the image's web page, and paste it into a comment or LGF Page.

With Flickr, you can just right-click on the thumbnail of any photo on one of their index pages, copy the link, then paste it in. The same method works on Imgur.

Giphy is a little different. You need to left-click the thumbnail to go to the image's page; on that page you'll see a line of text labeled "Iframe Embed." Copy that text and paste it into a comment or LGF Page. We automatically set Giphy images to not animate until you hover over them.

Here's an example of a Flickr embedded photostream; their embedding code is very nice, and includes a slideshow of other images by a photographer or artist. Just hover over the image and you'll see arrows to go back and forth through the slideshow.


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