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This Week on Politics: Trump Goes Mola Ram on the GOP

Thu, May 5, 2016 at 5:15:57 pm

It's not often that you see Rachel Maddow as chastened as she was last night. She ran down the long history of kooks, cranks, dingbats, racists and shitheels that have run for president, and found a little traction with the paranoid-freakazoid fringe. And then she came to the fact that Donald Trump is now the GOP nominee and there is a chance - a real, live, honest-to-god chance, that this egomaniacal Mussolini-wannabe could wind up as the Most Powerful Man On Earth.

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"God bless America," Rachel said. Uncharacteristically grim. She's a master at keeping things light, at not going in for bombast or end-of-world hysteria. But this one, you could tell ... this one has shocked her to her core. She honestly thought there would be a contested convention.

And now we all know that there will not.

Glenn Beck even says "it makes us pretty racist, it makes us big government guys ... I will not endorse it, I will not tolerate it."

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"You will never elect another GOP person to high office. Ever again."