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Ted Nugent Posts Edited Video Showing Bernie Sanders Murdering Hillary Clinton

Wed, May 11, 2016 at 11:52:18 am

Ted Nugent, the right wing rock musician with overt white supremacist leanings, is being disgusting again on Facebook. Yesterday he posted a YouTube video featuring an edited clip from a presidential debate showing Bernie Sanders murdering Hillary Clinton with a handgun, with the caption: "I got your guncontrol right here bitch!"

A screenshot:

Media Matters notes that Nugent is scheduled to deliver a speech at the NRA's annual meeting this month:

Nugent is slated to speak at the NRA’s annual meeting, which will be held May 19 – 22 in Louisville, KY. According to the NRA, Nugent will deliver a speech called “2016 Election Do or Die for America and Freedom.” The description of the event claims, “The Obama/Clinton liberal Democrat gang is maniacal in their attack on all things individual rights, truth, logic, commonsense and The American Way. Are there enough of us willing to do battle with these evil forces?”