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Anti-Choice Terrorist Robert Lewis Dear Declared Unfit for Trial

Wed, May 11, 2016 at 5:53:51 pm

Anti-choice terrorist Robert Lewis Dear, who confessed to murdering three people at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood office last November in an attack inspired by the fraudulent videos created by David Daleiden, has now been ruled mentally incompetent and unfit to stand trial.

Two state psychologists who examined Mr. Dear concluded that he was not fit to stand trial. One, Jackie Grimmett, said Mr. Dear had multiple delusions that distorted his reality. For instance, for 20 years he had thought that “the feds” were after him, and had planted a listening device in his pickup truck. He described the Planned Parenthood clinic that he struck on Nov. 27 as the most evil place in the world.

Fair enough, but you know... if those are going to be the standards for determining mental incompetence, there are an awful lot of right wingers and anti-choice fanatics who are in exactly the same state as Robert Lewis Dear. You can find thousands of people ranting exactly like that at any right wing site on any given day of the week.

Dear may have been declared mentally incompetent to stand trial, yet somehow he managed to purchase an arsenal of deadly weapons.

Sources also tell CBS News Dear was heavily armed when he arrived at the clinic on Friday. A law enforcement source says the 57-year-old brought all the guns he had to the scene.

Sources say Dear was carrying duffel bags full of rifles and hand guns. The cache of weapons included "AK"-style rifles.