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Breitbart "News" Hack John Nolte Suddenly Announces He Resigned Two Months Ago

Mon, May 16, 2016 at 11:08:13 am

For years he's been one of the most unhinged writers at Breitbart "News," but today we learn the reason why John Nolte's byline hasn't appeared at the site for two months:

@Capitalics I resigned from Breitbart 2 mos ago.

— John Nolte (@NolteNC) May 16, 2016

Scanning through his Twitter timeline, it's apparent that he left over Breitbart's shabby treatment of Michelle Fields; he’s a delusionally enthusiastic Trump supporter so that wasn’t it, and he’s never been troubled at all by the blatant racism at the site, so that wasn't it either.

So if anyone says Breitbart got too heinous even for John Nolte, that's very unlikely. First, he was the one who helped make it that heinous, and second, "Heinous" is his middle name.

This is a guy who openly advocated violence against OWS protesters, who called for his political opponents to be "murdered" more than once, who posted a link to a white supremacist site on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, who called unmarried women "a needy, entitled, spoiled, crybaby, helpless lot," who equated anti-Muslim lunatic Pamela Geller with Jesus, who equated the rainbow pride flag to the Confederate battle flag, who fiercely promoted every single fake outrage that bubbled up from the right wing fever swamp, and who engaged in absolutely blatant, relentless race-baiting for the entire time he worked at Breitbart.

So let's not assume he resigned out of a sudden attack of scruples, because he has none. And his departure will have no effect on the 24/7 hate-spewing from Breitbart "News."