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The People Who Stand With Omar Mateen

Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 5:54:22 pm

Amidst all the accusations and counter-accusations, after the pain and tears, we are now starting to get down to the core issues behind Sunday's massacre in Orlando:

  1. Fundamentalist religious hatred of Teh Ghey
  2. Disgruntled loser with history of violence
  3. Twisted aspiration to "be part of something bigger"
  4. Easy access to military-grade firearms

So yeah. We can see some common threads running through this, and connect them to other violent outbursts. Part of a global jihadist movement? Only in Omar's dreams. The dreams in which he is the hero, feared and admired, looked upon with awe, and totally NOT gay, no, no never that. Macho, butch, strong. All the things that come with owning a gun - well, they don't actually come with the gun, but boy, does the NRA and it's bitch squad ever foist that idea upon zeta-male losers.

After the Charlie Hebdo massacre, there was a global rush to "stand with Charlie," by people who supported the ideals of free speech and poking fun at ugly bigots. This time around, nobody wants to take ownership of the mix of toxic ideologies and memes that lead to hate-crimes like the shooting in Orlando. Funny, right? Well, social media has helpfully identified people whose rhetoric and stands on the easy availability of assault weapons to rage-filled loons makes tragedies like this possible.

So here are the People Who Stand With Omar Mateen.

Palin. Gay-bashing, gun-loving. Ignorant religious hatred. Friend of Omar.

A late convert. Preaches unthinking hatred of "the other." Standing up for guns, gunz, GUNS!! Omar would've loved hanging out with him.
Santorum. Deep fundie whack-a-loon. Hates gays. Loves guns. Secretly happy that Mateen did his work for him.
Ol' Crazy Eyes. Fundie whackjob. Loves guns. Hates gays.
Ann Coulter. Preaches hatred. Love of guns. Reflexive use of violence whenever feeling angry. Omar's fellow traveler.
Rush Limbaugh. Patron saint of angry, gun-toting ignoramuses everywhere. Hates gays. Ideological mirror image of Omar Mateen.
Newt Gingrich. Introduced mindless toxicity to Washington politics. Did more to destroy civil discourse in the U.S. than any man since McCarthy. Loves easy access to assault rifles. Friend of Omar.
Rick Perry. Dumbass Texas governor & fundie loon. Corrupt and spineless. Caves to NRA. Bashes gays. Ooops! That means he's a friend o' Omar.