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Neo-Nazis Arrested in New York With Weapons and Bomb Materials Are Trump Fans

Sat, Jun 18, 2016 at 9:17:12 pm

The Daily Beast has more information on Edward Perkowski, arrested Thursday in New York's Long Island suburb with a cache of weapons, bomb-making materials and instruction manuals, and Nazi paraphernalia; it turns out that Perkowski, his brother, and their father were also fans of, you guessed it, Donald Trump.

The screenshot above is from Perkowski's Facebook photos, where he uses the pseudonym "Dale Reinecke" for some reason.

A review of Edward Perkowski Jr.’s Facebook profile—under the pseudonym Dale Reinecke—reveals hate-filled and sexist rants in between snaps of his beloved golden retriever. (Perkowski goes by “Dale,” his middle name, or “DJ,” short for Dale Jr.,  neighbors told The Daily Beast.)

On Facebook he’s known as “Übermensch.”

Under “Work,” Perkowski lists Germany’s radical right-wing National Democratic Party (NPD). He also quotes Hitler and describes himself as an “independent” and “PROUD NATIONALIST.”

Meanwhile, he also appears to back Donald Trump. In May, Perkowski posted a photo of the GOP presidential contender with the words, “Make America White Again!” His father, Edward Perkowski Sr., responded emphatically with, “BUILD THE WALL.”  

The younger Perkowski also shared a painting of a lily-white family by a Third Reich artist called “The Aryan Family,” with the words, “Everything I do is for the love of my own people, and not for the hatred of any other!”