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Watch Live: FBI Director Comey Testifies at Ridiculous House Hearing

Thu, Jul 7, 2016 at 11:15:31 am


Of course House Republicans are going to try to extract some more political idiot juice out of the FBI's recommendation not to indict Hillary Clinton. These lovely folks are greatly frustrated that one of their last hopes to take down Clinton before the election is now dashed, and they're not going to just sit back and be reasonable -- they're going to waste more public money on a political circus.

So here's the live video feed from ringside.

UPDATE at 7/7/16 11:26:39 am by Charles Johnson

Now confirmed there were only THREE emails out of 30,000 that were marked classified — and they were NOT actually classified.Fake scandal.

— Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) July 7, 2016

James Comey also confirmed that hacker “Guccifer” did NOT access Clinton’s server.

— Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) July 7, 2016