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Tech Note: Facebook Broke Their Embedded Posts, So Here's a New Way to Include Them

Sun, Jul 10, 2016 at 4:13:27 pm

Good old Facebook. Sometime in the last few days, they changed the way their embedded posts and video work, and the old method no longer works at all.

Previously, we let you embed a Facebook post or video in a comment or LGF Page simply by copying and pasting the address of the Facebook post; but thanks to someone in their development squad, this is no longer possible.

So here's the new deal with embedding Facebook posts and video at LGF. Instead of copying and pasting the URL, you need to copy the embed code from the Facebook post and paste that into a comment instead. Don't use the Embedded Content button - just paste the embed code supplied by Facebook directly into your comment or LGF Page.

Here's a screenshot showing where the embed code is located in a Facebook post:

(I'm leaving our old code in place as well, just in case this is a temporary bug that gets fixed. This Facebook change has to be affecting lots of other sites as well, so maybe they'll at least continue to support their old method for backward compatibility once they realize they messed up.)