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In Which Infamous Troll Chuck C. Johnson Stalks Michelle Fields in Cleveland

Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 9:29:18 pm

Discredited white supremacist troll Chuck C. Johnson has been hanging around the outskirts of the Republican Convention in Cleveland, sans press credentials, looking for an opportunity to make himself the center of the story as he always does.

And today, since no opportunity was forthcoming, he apparently decided to manufacture one.

He recognized former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields on the street, walking with her fiancé Jamie Weinstein, and decided to follow and harass her, and have one of his cronies record it while he tried to provoke Weinstein into attacking him.

Then he actually posted the video of his stunt online, apparently unaware that instead of showing him being "assaulted" as he claims, it actually reveals him as an extremely creepy person who stalks and harasses women and films it.

Here's the video he posted on YouTube tonight.


The first words you hear in this video are "Is it recording?" as they get ready to stage their scene. Then they say "She probably went that way," and Chuck takes off quickly walking to catch up with Fields.

Johnson turns around several times to make sure he's still being filmed by his crony Mike Cernovich, who says at one point "I got you" to let Chuck know it's all being recorded.

Chuck walks for about a block and a half before catching up with Fields and Weinstein, and takes off his red Trump cap as he gets close. Then, as Weinstein turns around and sees Johnson approaching them, Johnson looks back one more time to make sure the camera's still on him.

After this he starts walking even faster toward Fields, and Weinstein gets between them and pushes Chuck away from his fiancée, saying "Get the fck away from us," while Chuck tries to make a big deal out of it, saying "Jamie, did you just hit me?"

All this is going on while Chuck's crony, "men's rights advocate" Mike Cernovich stands nearby with a camera.

Note that Johnson has posted almost a dozen incredibly vicious articles at his blog attacking Michelle Fields, her aunt, her mother, and anyone else associated with Fields he could find. He's been unhealthily obsessed with Fields for a long time, so there's a background context to this incident as well.

I've seen creepy stunts by right wing operatives like James O'Keefe, but I don't think I've ever seen such a transparent, obvious attempt at a set-up. And remember, Johnson is married. I wonder what his wife Berna Dette thinks of escapades like this?

This isn't the first time Chuck C. Johnson has physically stalked and harassed people he sees as enemies; he did it to me last year, showing up outside an apartment where I used to live and posting photos on Twitter of himself standing outside the entrance.

Johnson has also taken photos of himself stalking the offices of Twitter in San Francisco, not once but three times now, and also posted a photo of himself stalking the private residence of Thad Cochran in Washington, DC.

Now he's graduated to staging phony confrontations and trying to pump them up into "assaults," when it's actually Fields and Weinstein who should be seeking a restraining order against him.

And tonight, after staging this incident, Chuck Johnson posted the following tweet to one of the accounts he's managed to evade Twitter's ban with. It's all a big joke to him:

Right Wing Blogger Chuck C. Johnson Is Now a Real Live Stalker