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The Trump Fan Who Tweeted Forged Clinton Medical Records Is Back on Twitter

Tue, Aug 9, 2016 at 8:38:15 pm

Yes, this creep is back again, after deleting his/her account yesterday; if you delete your Twitter account you have a short interval in which you can still restore it.

Tonight this anonymous right wing agitator has posted an out of focus image we're supposed to think is an X-ray or MRI or CT scan of Hillary's head.

I've seen a lot of political dirty tricks in my time, but this has to be simultaneously one of the ugliest and one of the most inept.

It's very revealing to take a look at this person's following list -- you'll find an assortment of white supremacists and "alt-right" lunatics with "Pepe the frog" avatars, Martin Shkreli, and all the people associated with Donald Trump. Better look soon, though -- I have a feeling this account isn't going to be available for much longer.

UPDATE at 8/9/16 9:42:36 pm by Charles Johnson

Sure enough, @HillsMedRecords has been deleted again.

Trump Supporter Tweets Forged Hillary Clinton Medical Records, Then Deletes Account